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What can be expected?

We speculate a lot about where technology could go in the future. We talk about gaming, or rather our lack of having time to spend gaming. We discuss ways to invest, or just how we think the economies of the world are doing. We think about how society functions with a focus on ways to communicate and share for the greater good of everyone involved. "We consider, evaluate, and postulate everything!" is our catch phrase for good reason, because anything is fair game to be analyzed.

What is Capacity Cast?

It's a podcast we started after a few casual emails back and forth. The founding members met in the early 2000s at a college anime club. Years after college, we made a few attempts at entrepreneurship that didn't work out, but will eventually be great stories for this podcast! Our podcast is open and all-inclusive of our hobbies and interests. There is usually a lot of speculation based on our ideas and hopes for the future of technology and society.