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Edit 9/3/2017: The show was canceled and now the creators/producers of the show, along with fans, are tweeting about trying to save it. Fill out this form here with a request for Dark Matter to be on Netflix (and/or call 1-866-579-7172). There is also a new hashtag #SaveDarkMatter that some fans have started using. Along with a change.org petition (second one here).

We talk mostly about outer space based science fiction shows produced in Canada. Especially one called Dark Matter that just finished their third season on Syfy channel (also on Netflix). They are up for renewal, so we wanted to get the word out to tweet with the hashtag #RenewDarkMatter to help the cause.

List_of_science_fiction_TV_produced_in_Canada (Wikipedia)

Other shows mentioned are Sliders (1995), Space Cases (1996), Earth: Final Conflict (1997), Lexx (1997), Stargate SG-1 (1997), Andromeda (2000), Battlestar Galactica (2004), Stargate Atlantis (2004), Orphan Black (2013), Killjoys (2015), The Expanse (2015)... who knew all these great shows were produced in Canada?

There was a lot to talk about with only a little bit of time. We might go into more Canadian produced science fiction in the future. Did we miss one of your favorites or have something to add to our talk? Let us know in the comments!