We consider, evaluate, and postulate everything! New episode every Monday at 9AM CST with occasional specials later in the week.

Meet the hosts

  • Scott W.

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping that you are really enjoying the podcast! I'm Scott. This podcast is a great outlet for the multitude of hobbies and interests I have. The bigger ones include photography, writing/self publishing, software development, video/photo editing, making Youtube videos, walking/hiking, staying current on technology, and space/exploration/NASA.

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  • Michael H.

    (Filling this one in for him -Scott)

    Michael is the tall baritone voiced member of the podcast team. He is a web developer with years of on-the-job experience, but also has many hobbies such as table-top gaming and keeping current on technology. He also has such a huge family I don't know how he even keeps his kid's names straight! An Apple enthusiast, but familiar and accepting of other platforms.