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Dec 18, 2017

In this episode Scott talks with guest host Chris Warkocki about 3D printing in a lot more detail than we have in past episodes. He as been intensely tinkering with 3D printing and currently has 4 printers. We talk about prusa machines such as the original, i3 MK2S, and I3MK3. The biggest advancement these days comes in the form of reliability. The I3MK3, for example, has a magnetic flexible steel bed, 256 micro-stepping Trinamic drivers, and the ability to sense if filament is almost out. Technology is advancing rapidly thanks to the global reprap community of tinkers that share knowledge. Chris has been printing figures and terrain for D&D campaigns as well as various other printing projects. He does a lot of modding and adjustment to his printers to get the best quality possible such as using modified Ikea Lack coffee tables as 3d printer housings. This episode is a 3D printing extravaganza of information!

A picture of the 3D printers mentioned:

Chris Warkocki's photography website:

Peter Goral's killer Bootlegs:

Drew Murray and Stephen Davies making children's prosthetics: