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Aug 25, 2017

We discuss the idea that "millennials" are the reason that various businesses and industries are dying out. This includes diamonds, various restaurants including "Breastaurants", napkins, bar soap, cereal, golf, home ownership, home improvement stores, motorcycles, yogurt, designer bags, fabric softener, and banks to name a few. It's hard to tell exactly what age range "millennials" refers to exactly, but 1980 - 2004 and 1976 to 1994 are two of the more popular ranges, though the common idea is that 1980 is the usual starting point. We discuss ideas such as school debt and the length of "baby boomer" careers as potential factors to the supposed situation. Based on the dying industries, we are thinking that this group has started to take saving money, efficiency, and support of responsible manufacturing/sourcing of goods seriously. Maybe these people accusing millennials of intentionally damaging businesses/industries are off base because it is for the better? These types of shifts away from extravagance are a reflection of the recent global downturns. This talk is short, but packed with ideas about this goofy and crazy topic!Here is the Business Week article we refer to in this episode: Here is the meme site we refer to: