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Oct 16, 2017

Are camera companies slacking? Do they lack innovation? Are they slow on the uptake with advancements in transmission standards like WIFI? Is the new Nikon D850 the perfect camera? Was the Nikon D7500 a failure due to artificial market segmentation? There are a lot of questions that we discuss in this episode.

This episode was recorded on 09/28/2017.

Article mentioned in the video:

As it turns out, we agree with a lot of what the author said, but the delivery is what is off-putting to us. Sure, camera companies do miss the mark (the Nikon D7500 for example with its single card slot), but they are always improving with that kaizen approach. The D850 is proof that camera manufacturers can innovate and not hold back technology when they want to. Let's hope camera manufacturers start finding alternatives to artificial market segmentation.

Here is an example of a "video pan head" that would require a simple hole in the camera forward of the tripod screw to work:

It basically has a spring loaded pin forward of the tripod screw to keep the attached device aligned. I'm not sure why this isn't a thing in DSLRs.