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Oct 2, 2017

Did Fatwallet ever stand a chance after being sold to Ebates? Did they have a chance if they had not been sold? It's all debatable. After Fatwallet Cash Back ended in 2016, did you join the "ebaters" club? We talk all about the shuttering of this community based web 1.0 startup! It's a loss for us because it's one of few local Internet based startups to the Rockford Illinois metro area. Or at least it was until Illinois decided to institute affiliate tax laws that would have ended the company right then and there. Join us for the discussion!

This is our first podcast with a companion videocast!

It has a lot less editing, so if you enjoy something a bit edgier, this will be your thing!

The phat wallet community site mentioned:

For the record, Fatwallet cash back ended on May 10th 2016.