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Nov 6, 2017

We talk about how Scott re-branded his cosplay photography by extracting it from the technique focused "Photography Banzai" brand to "Cosplay Banzai" instead. The "white noise" of different genres of photography together along with that technical focus of the "Photography Banzai" name was a huge hindrance to connecting with people who enjoy cosplay photography. Not mentioned in this episode were semi-personal Instagram and twitter accounts with mostly cellphone food photos and tiny handful of cosplay photos, not a good combination to gain visibility, Haha! There was also a change in editing style of private photoshoots to focus on artistic quality instead of quantity. Time is limited, and fully separating the cosplay photos into their own social media box was a good thing from almost every aspect. The negative is that some photos might never see the light of day, but anything that does get out will receive more care and probably also receive more positive feedback. Moving forward, most if not all photos will go through that public "Cosplay Banzai" social media instead of any past method such as giving cosplayers a ton of half-edited photos privately (while still spending days editing). With websites such as Facebook almost completely killing natural organic reach, it is necessary to look out into other options for added visibility of your works. All of the changes appear to be working well, and it is more fun too! Simply put, pull that art out of the white noise and into its own social media universe!