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Aug 28, 2017

Are we in a virtual world... oh wait, no, where is virtual reality now and where is it going in the future? We talk about our personal experiences with current VR technologies such as trying the HTC Vive at a restaurant trade show, the first Playstation VR games, the cheap and easy to use Google Cardboard, and others. We discuss if think VR will expand to become a household product just as consoles did in the 1990s, or if it will be more of a communal service like laser tag. The chance for fully immersive VR not reaching homes is mostly due to the need for large open spaces needed for natural locomotion, not the current hardware cost that we expect to go down. Games are a large use case, but they are not the sole draw for VR. Content creation and immersive natural user interfaces have large potential in VR moving forward.