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We discuss some of the next viable frontiers for humans in the Solar System. Although the cold war space race is long over, we have transitioned into an age of private companies pushing forward to achieve what was once accomplished as well into new accomplishments. Some of the companies are SpaceX, Bigelow Aerospace, Blue Origin, and Stratolaunch Systems. There is progress being made in practical inflatable space structures, reusable rockets, space tourism, and a multitude of other areas. It's hard to say if this will be the golden age of humanity in space, but there are hints that we just might reach the moon again as well as Mars in the forseeable future. Ideas range from simply traveling to constructing bases on the Moon and Mars, or even deep space. We hope that things progress quickly, but the lack of focus from Governments cause continious stumbling blocks to our necessary expansion into outer space.

China plans to land humans on the moon:

Bigelow Aerospace:

Moon as a jumping off point:

Paul Allen:

Blue Origin Jeff Bezos:

Let us know your thoughts on the subject! I know we missed a lot of current projects happening. Let us know of ones you are tracking so we can add them to a future episode.

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